Morgan Talty

As somebody who has spent a very long time as a student in higher education—about
nine years—I cannot remember, specifically, how many instructors I’ve had. I imagine the number is somewhere between eighty to ninety different teachers and professors. What I can be certain about though is that if you asked me their names I would laugh in your face. And then
you would say, “Well, just name five then.”
Cara Hoffman would be the first person I named. I worked with Cara for only one
semester, and if I could have worked with her for more, I would have gladly. Not only is she an exceptional reader of fiction, but she knows how to communicate the oftentimes uncommunicable tendencies of craft. She is passionate about working with student writing, and she is equally passionate about championing her students’ work and putting them in the best position possible to have writing careers. It’s one thing to have an instructor who comments specifically on your characters, plot, tension, structure, and so on in one’s work, but it is an entirely different thing to have an instructor who is remembered for their inimitable teaching and
generosity. I highly recommend working with Cara.