The Athens Workshop is a place for artists and writers to work separately or across disciplines to deepen their creative practice, learn new techniques, and undertake radical approaches to literature and art making. The Workshop offers classes, critique, and contemplative space.

Located in the heart of Greece’s capital city, in a thriving, bohemian neighborhood, the Athens Workshop offers intensive ten-day programs in Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Art History and Drawing.

The neighborhood is bordered by three parks and surrounded by outdoor cafes, bookstores, record stores, green markets, thrift stores and bakeries. Flowers and ivy climb the buildings and bitter orange trees line the streets. Graffiti and murals brighten the faces of modern Mediterranean and neo-classical buildings. Many of the bookstores in the neighborhood are collectives housing independent publishers. This is not a place where people sit in cafes staring into their phones, but a vibrant home to artists, activists and intellectuals. The constant sound of many conversations happening at once is the song of the neighborhood. Summers are filled with live music and outdoor cinema, the Acropolis and Plaka are a twenty-five minute walk or a quick subway ride away. Some of the best restaurants in Europe are just blocks from the workshop, and stay open late into the night.