Parsons Student

In Marc’s class I was able to improve as an artist through guided instruction, in-class discussions, museum visits and additional readings. I was able to challenge my
communication and critical thinking skills during critiques and class discussions, which over time, taught me how to think about and analyze others and my own art/making. Marcs desire to help each student improve their artistry, no matter their style of drawing, background or major, was clear, as each student was challenged to push themselves further while being given personalized attention, critiques, and help when needed. This course, above all other classes I’d taken during the semester, helped me to explore my and other artists work, improve my drawing, and computer rendering
skills, and taught me how to properly analyze, critique and inspire work in the future. I would highly recommend this class, specifically, Marc’s section to any incoming freshman who truly seeks to
improve and learn as an artist.